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Transformation & The Magic Bullet!

Something Incredible is Coming! Your life will be profoundly Transformed and Benefited. Amazingly, you need not do anything for this to happen. But once you see what is coming, you may choose to participate in the leading edge of this incredible wave!

When you look around in the market place of ideas, you see many different ideas and opinions and personalities, some offer only noisy distracting voices, others are a bit off, and others are really on to something. There is a kind of competition, "Who is going to come up with a better idea and a better presentation?" Notice those two parts: THE IDEA and THE PRESENTATION. Those people who are engaging in the market place of ideas are looking for the perfect combination of these two factors. And soon, someone will find it!

Here is what will happen. Here is the future:

  • Already we see the competition growing! Hundreds, even Thousands, of people are competing for the best IDEAS and the best PRESENTATIONS of those ideas.
  • As the ideas get better, as the presentations get better, more and more people will be exposed to the message.
  • Consider how many people have seen "The Matrix" - it represents a combination of IDEAS and PRESENTATION. Don't think that the message will not be entertaining. The Message, the Perfect Bullet WILL BE VERY ENTERTAINING!
  • Someone is going to create a very entertaining message that has embedded within it incredible ideas! It will be Incredibly Entertaining! And the ideas will be amazing and beautiful!
  • All it takes for this message to "Go Viral" is reaching a sufficient level of VALUE, and suddenly one out of 3 people that sees it will pass it on to 8 or more people and half or more of those will watch it. The key to going viral is this: How motivated is someone to pass it on?
  • As the VALUE of the messages in the market place of ideas increases, more and more of these messages WILL GO VIRAL!
  • Soon, you will be presented with entirely new ideas from a highly stimulated friend who says, "YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS THING OUT!"
  • You will wonder, "What in the world is this thing, and WHY is this person so stimulated by it?
  • The Secrets of HOW to STIMULATE people are being discovered, I'm going to share some of them with you below, but first see how things will play out...
  • New Exciting and Stimulating Ideas/Groups/Movements are forming up, they are competing in the market place of ideas for your attention, and the best will rise to the top and go viral.
  • You WILL hear about them!
  • You WILL be approached by some highly stimulated people who will offer you the opportunity to step into a WHOLE NEW WORLD, and if you follow them, you will discover THAT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS REAL!
  • Here is the formula for going viral: The Growth Factor (how fast an idea spreads) = (percentage of people that view it that pass it on)*(average number of people it is passed on to)*(percentage of people that view it when encouraged to do so). If this number is greater than 1, the message is "going viral". The higher the number, the faster it spreads!
  • But there is MORE!
  • There is a message of what the future will be and how and why...
  • There is a growing movement of people who understand something:
    • that happiness is better than sadness,
    • that vitality is better than exhaustion,
    • that wealth and prosperity are better than poverty and stagnation,
    • that excitement is better than monotony,
    • that Exciting Romantic Love is better than abusive/broken/dysfunctional/co-dependent/fighting&cold-shoulder/avoiding-the-issue relationships,
    • that Honesty is better than Dishonesty,
    • that Value Creation is better than Value Destruction,
    • that Genuine Self-Esteem is better than Self-Doubt and feelings of worthlessness,
    • that LIFE is better than DEATH,
    • and that it is time to profitably assist others in flipping their lives from ones of sadness, exhaustion, poverty, stagnation, monotony, dysfunction, dishonesty, destruction, doubt, worthlessness, and Death -> into -> lives of happiness, exhilaration, vitality, prosperity, Exciting Romantic Love, Honesty, Value Creation, Genuine Self-Esteem, and LIFE!
  • To achieve this goal, of profitably assisting people to make this transition, there are now literally hundreds of groups that are evolving techniques to do this - people newly exposed to these groups are shocked, "Why didn't I find out about this before?" - There are two reasons:
    1. You have not demonstrated to others that you WANT to hear about what they are doing, that you would WANT to hear about their involvement with a new and exciting group, or
    2. You are not connected to people that ARE open to these new stimulating groups.
  • With documents like this, there is an evolution in our Marketing...
  • This document is designed to ever so gently help you in becoming aware of how you have closed yourself off from new things that could benefit you in profound ways. Consider this, if different people that you know today were to find something really incredible, which of them would approach you and say, "You should consider looking into this?" Which of them would say, "THIS IS INCREDIBLE, WHEN YOU SEE IT, YOU ARE GOING TO BE BLOWN AWAY! SERIOUSLY, JUST GO AND DO IT!" Have you created relationships where people are bringing you incredible opportunities? Do you talk with your friends about what kinds of opportunities you'd be interested in learning more about?
  • Consider this conversation starter, "If you were into something really incredible, would you feel comfortable approaching me and telling me about it?"
  • By planting little seeds like this, I am preparing you to be part of the Viral Explosion of new ideas: You will become a judge in the market place of ideas - which ideas will you pass on? What will you contribute?


Soon the coming wave of new and incredible ideas will flow your way! Discover how you can PROFIT BY THEM!

  • As others around you do better in life, your ability to survival and thrive is improved.
  • You will be the judge of what is good enough to pass on, and who you feel comfortable sharing ideas with.
  • Imagine plugging into a new stream of ideas that are specifically designed to provide you with maximum value in the least amount of time and the least amount of effort. Every area of your life benefits, one small step at a time.
  • How long would it be before you looked around and said, "You know, life is pretty good?" - if you are saying it now, how many of those around you say it too? - if everyone around you is saying it, how far out into the world do you need to look before you see people that you wish you could help? If you are not yet feeling that life is "pretty good"... you are not alone. For a large number of people life is an incredible burden, for some it is unbearable. But keep reading and learn more about this spectrum:
  • New technologies and understandings are currently being developed that will allow many more people to work effectively with anyone at any emotional level - from Euphoric Supermen and Superwomen, down to Interested, to boredom, to those experiencing life as a monotony, to the angry and hateful, to the terrorized, to the numb, to those experiencing intense grief and loss, to deepest apathy and hopeless, to the suicidal, and beyond suicidal to the deranged- wishing for maximum destruction, degradation, and pain for all.
  • Simply by seeing that such a spectrum exists may be helpful, for those sunk deep into the swamps of sadness, they may feel "If only someone could understand this incredible awfulness, I doubt if anyone has ever been this depressed". No one can ever know how deep into the abyss another has descended unless he or she has been deeper and recognizes the signs of it. If you see someone who is more depressed than you have ever been you can simply say so, "I see that you are experiencing something that I have never felt, could you help me understand it?" - wait and listen, watch as tears and convulsions allow the heroically depressed one to fully experience what it is that they are almost experiencing and release it. It may surprise you to learn that many very depressed people are depressed so that they might help other depressed people - they voluntarily take on the depression to understand it's depths, so that they may speak with compassion to others, so that they too would know the depths; they are doing it as a gift of love so that one day they will be able to sit next to their beloved and listen and allow their beloved to release his or her suffering.
  • The above is only a taste of what is available.
  • Others have endured poverty to gain an understanding of the mentality of hopelessness and worthlessness that lead to the awful feelings of desperation, scarcity, and degradation.
  • Now imagine these incredibly noble men and women stepping forth from the shadows of their depressions and poverties and broken relationships, and going out into the world, knowing what they now know, able to help anyone take the one step before them into a new world.
  • There IS an expanding of ARMY of such people - armed with love and compassion and a willingness to help, and most importantly an ABILITY to help.
  • There ARE ways into a brighter future.
  • You ARE getting connected with people who are ready, willing, and able to help you.
  • You can decide for yourself if someone is able to help you and others take the one next step before you - because YOU get to be the judge of what you choose to engage in, and what you pass on to others. What will you share? What will you give? Who will you give it to?
  • As we see what gets passed on, what ideas and presentations 'go viral', we will adjust and evolve. Our value creation grows and expands.
  • The very best answers to the worlds problems will be evolved by Honest People, who love life, and who are doing what they are doing to create the maximum value for all.
  • Those same people will also find ways to profit by sharing this information.
  • You need not do anything, pay for anything, pass anything on - whether you do or not doesn't matter. We are committed to our vision of bringing value to YOU and everyone else. Naturally, part of that vision is become successful enough to focus on this highest value creation 80+ hours a week. Profits are needed by honest people to expand and elevate their value creation.
  • Imagine first connecting with other individuals who earn their money honestly - by providing real value to others, often providing many times more value than what is paid for. Such individuals are HEROS! Everyone that really knows them feels so much love and feelings of protection for them. Just as all of the citizens of Bedford Falls protect George Bailey in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". You ARE connecting with individuals who have the goal of being able to DELIVER MAXIMUM VALUE to YOU and EVERYONE ELSE! Profits are an ingredient to make that happen, and long range, profits must be included for any value creating business to expand and grow to new heights of value creation. In that context, profits are a profoundly noble aspect of capitalism and business.
  • Now Imagine gradually becoming a Heroic Value Creator YOURSELF!
  • The Life you were Meant to Live is one of Exciting Value Creation! Growing and Growing Values for yourself and others! Imagine a day a few months or years into the future, when you may meet someone and know that you have SO MUCH to offer! Everyone you meet is better because of YOU! That is the basis of Genuine Self-Esteem! And Think about the Exciting Romantic Love that you would share with your partner as you both see in each other incredible value creators - so VALUABLE - such a wonderful gift to each other! - Imagine holding your partner and feeling the incredible treasure in your arms - you are amazed by your partners value creation! - You are IN AWE of the incredibly good things that your partner does! You KNOW how hard your partner works, every second of the day! And now you come together to CELEBRATE that incredible Value Creation!
  • You are on track, already, by receiving these thought seeds, to grow into the incredible HERO and LOVER that YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!
  • But even this is not the end!
  • The Real Magic Bullet will be when these ideas are elevated and packaged into a presentation that goes viral.
  • The program through which I learned all of these things, the program that helped me to begin IMPLEMENTING THEM in my life, is now going viral. This Page and my hours of effort are ME sharing a hint of it with YOU.
  • But there is no "ultimate program", the market place of ideas is constantly evolving new and exciting creations - the only "ultimate" that there can be is to Point out that "there is this, and soon there will be something better". The very definition of "free market" is that there is no security that your product or idea will not be bettered by a competitor. In a "Free Market" everyone is given the same opportunity to create new and better products/services/ideas without unnecessary hurdles. There is considerable fear of real Free Markets by lazy business people - they seek regulation that gives them an unfair advantage - more regulation always helps the existing businesses maintain their monopoly - it is easy for a $300 Million Company to jump through a $2 Million hoop, but a new company just starting will not be able to, and so won't start. The result is that big businesses SECRETLY LOVE REGULATION. And indeed, they secretly love the idea that 'business is all about greed'. Big businesses lobby FOR regulation, and then make a public nuisance to convince the masses that this "legislation is necessary to keep the greedy businesses in line". Big Businesses foment class warfare to trick the masses into supporting legislation that will preventing the little guy from rising up in competition. Amazingly the answer is to do the EXACT OPPOSITE! Allow the free market entrepreneurs to decide for themselves if there is a way to undercut and out-compete the existing big businesses; if they can find a way, everybody benefits!
  • Fortunately for us, the market place of ideas IS FREE - and people, like those that I will introduce you to, if you are interested, are able to say what we are saying.
  • What you can be sure of is that SOMEONE WILL create SOMETHING that is INCREDIBLY GOOD and it WILL go viral. And People WILL have their lives transformed.
  • People will trade in their prime time TV watching hours for more exciting and more profitable activities.
  • And as they do, you will see many new and exciting opportunities and products. The George Baileys of the world, Honest Individuals like you, are being stimulated in new and exciting ways! We see that these new stimulations are interesting and valuable, we know that others may be interested in learning more about them. Many of us are willing, now more than ever, to reach out to others with a simple, "I'm not sure if you'd be interested in this, but I really enjoyed it." We want better lives for ourselves, and we're willing to work so that those around us may also have better lives too.
  • We know that we benefit by having those around us do better.
  • We also know that real change has to come first with "me". "I need to make changes in my life." "I need to do better." "I need to be better." "I need to increase my level of discipline." "I need to do something different."
  • So even though there is a growing ARMY of Honest Individuals who ARE becoming more productive, trading in their prime time TV watching for new business ventures and new personal development work, and even though this army WILL really and truly benefit me directly and indirectly - "It is still up to me to make of my life what I will."
  • There are profound benefits that accrue to ALL PEOPLE whenever ANYONE steps up his or her life.
  • I was inspired to write this because of the incredible things that I am seeing from my team.
  • There is a whole new world that is opening up around you.
  • It is amazing! Because of efforts like this and those of many others, it is a fact: Even if you do NOTHING to contribute, you will still be profoundly benefited by our efforts.
  • Imagine the new television programs that will be coming out, programs that stimulate you entertainment, and communicate using subtle techniques like those in "The Matrix" that reveal to you that "THERE IS MORE!"
  • New exciting ideas will flow to ALL people.
  • New and exciting products and services will flow to ALL PEOPLE!
  • You will be amazed at what you will see coming out in the next few years! As an insider, already connected to this growing network of Exciting and Growing individuals (people just like you, that have also stepped up to the next level), I see some of the projects that they are working on. I am participating in many! Helping those budding new businesses grow! And the products and services that they will be launching out into the world will BLOW YOUR MIND!
  • Do NOTHING and you benefit!
  • OR, consider taking YOUR next step, consider stepping up yourself, YOU DECIDE how and which program to use, YOU JUDGE the market place of ideas to find a route that you are comfortable with. As you do WE ALL BENEFIT!
  • You are on the leading edge of something INCREDIBLE!
  • There will be a magic bullet - some combination of ideas and presentation that WILL go viral! People WILL get involved, step up, benefit, benefit GREATLY, and pass it on!
  • The exact details of what the program, the idea, the presentation are, do not matter - because by now you can likely see how INCREDIBLY POWERFUL IT WILL BE!
  • People WILL wake up!
  • People WILL take action to make their lives better!
  • You have heard "we have the power", but it is true: "WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE REAL CHANGE IN OUR LIVES AND IN OUR WORLD!"
  • That Power flows through the market place of ideas, and already Thousands of people are working feverishly to find that magic bullet... That idea/presentation combination that WILL GO VIRAL in a HUGE WAY!

Exciting Options for YOUR NEXT STEP!

At this point you have a number of options for your next step!

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